We offer quality coaching with a personal edge. Our qualified coaching team get to know the players in order to provide the best environment to enhance their cricketing skills. Our core services include:

    • Development junior cricket coaching and run courses in London throughout the year at one of our local venues
    • High calibre, performance one to one training, both for adults and juniors
    • Hosting cricket themed parties
    • Manufacturing and retailing of our own range of cricket equipment


Cricket Dynamics was borne out of the idea that by injecting maximum energy, with determination and quality cricket coaching you get excellent results, we call it: “Passion, Perseverance & Performance.”

The Cricket Dynamics concept is simple:

    • Keeping it fun and energetic
    • Making cricket accessible to boys and girls from an early age
    • Developing and embedding strong cricketing skills and techniques
    • Encouraging team interaction and boosting confidence
    • Inspiring, improving and supporting cricket in schools, cricket clubs and beyond
    • Use the latest coaching equipment and technology to drive and aid high level critical coaching*
      (* Used with children over 10 year of age.)


Our cricket courses are designed to take varying ability participants through a step by step planned programme of gradual development. Our coaches, deliver high calibre, diverse and dynamic training sessions, using the latest and most versatile cricket training tools available.Using the type of training ball as a guide, children will start playing cricket with a tennis ball, move to an Invinciball (rubber ball) and then move to hardball cricket when ready.


Soft Ball Cricket (tennis balls)

This is the way most children will start playing cricket in order to learn the basics of the sport


InvinciBALL® (soft rubber cricket ball)

Gaining confidence and ease with a soft ball, a rubber ball may be a way to step up players who are not yet ready to train/play with a hard ball. It is recommended that players begin to use some hard ball equipment at this stage, so that they can familiarise and prepare themselves for progression to the next stage.


Intermediate Hard Ball Cricket

This is where hard balls are introduced. For participation at this level, it is expected for safety reasons that your child will have all the necessary equipment (helmet, box, pads and gloves) to participate.


Senior Hard Ball Cricket

Designed for competent hard ball cricketers, to play against other experienced players.