Cricket Coaching

Cricket is an excellent way to diversify your school’s sporting curriculum and raise it’s sporting profile. It enables the development of a range of core skills, such as hand-eye coordination, whilst encourages children to work together in a team and show individual capability.

Cricket Dynamics is a London based private coaching Company and our aim is to integrate our Cricket for Schools Programme in line with the school’s sports co-ordinator(s). This ensures that the school’s set targets are met and each school’s coaching programme is tailored to its individual needs.

If you’re looking to introduce cricket in your school or trying to raise the standard of the current school cricket team, we could assist you in several ways:

• Through structured cricket coaching sessions during the school day.
• Through structured cricket coaching sessions during morning/afterschool clubs

Cricket Equipment and Coaching Aids

Cricket Dynamics are both a manufacturer and supplier of high quality cricketing equipment and coaching aids. We pride ourselves on being competitive and will be happy to assist you.

For further information on our schools programme or cricket equipment for your school, please email

Wimbledon Chase Primary School

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